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Amazfit GTR 2 Obsidian Black Sport

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Klockia är auktoriserad återförsäljare av Amazfit & lämnar alltid 1 års garanti. Alla smartklockor från Amazfit skickas i originalask med kvitto och taggar.Amazfit GTR 2A New Classic Essential3D Curved Bezel-less Design | All-round Health and Fitness Tracking Music Storage and Playback | Ultra-long Battery Life 3D Curved Bezel-less Design *1.

Integrated Structure; Exquisite Craftsmanship. The Amazfit GTR 2’s integrated design concept, with 3D glass which naturally transitions to the stainless steel watch body, results in a better visual aesthetic and a wider field of vision.1.39” HD Color AMOLED Display. A Work of Art on Your Wrist. The large AMOLED high-definition screen with 326ppi pixel density is clear and vivid, whether displaying the time or any of your favorite apps.

Our watch face store provides dozens of different styles of watch faces for you to choose from and switch between. You can also edit the widgets to easily access the information you care about, or upload your favorite pictures to the watch face background to make your Amazfit GTR 2 a unique masterpiece of change and creativity.Always-on Display *2.

Confident Time Control. As well as all of the cool features,the Amazfit GTR 2 is a stellar watchwhich allows you to control your timewith confidence. The Always-On Displayenables you to view the time even when the watch"s other features are inactive, keeping you aware of every important moment in your life, and dozens of matching Always-on Display patterns are available to choose from.

For added convenience and to save battery power, you can turn off the screen by simply resting your arm or covering the screen.24-hour Heart Rate Monitoring *3. Stay Safe with Abnormal Heart Rate Alerts. The Amazfit GTR 2 is equipped with the Huami-developed BioTracker™ 2, the second-generation PPG bio-tracking optical sensor, allowing it to perform 24-hour heart rate monitoring.

It covers heart rate zones and provides warnings when your resting heart rate is abnormally elevated, keeping you aware of the exercise effect and reducing exercise risks.Blood-oxygen Saturation Measurement *4. Comprehensive Health Understanding. Blood-oxygen saturation is one of the most important factors of human health, so the GTR 2 has added the blood-oxygen saturation measurement function to keep you on top of your health.

When engaged in long-term mental work, or physical activity such as participating in marathons or high-intensity outdoor sports, measure your blood-oxygen level if you feel uncomfortable to keep your health firmly in your hands.PAI™ Health Assessment System *5. One Score to Summarize Your Physical State. PAI™ (Personal Activity Intelligence) is a health assessment system that uses algorithms to convert complex data such as heart rate, activity duration and other health data into a single, intuitive score, for users to easily understand their physical state.

This feature covers any form of exercise at any time and in any place, and also personalizes the health assessment system for each user based on their health data.Sleep Quality Monitoring *6. for Optimal Performance.

Analyze Sleep Stages and Naps.  A good night’s sleep is a top priority in the modern world. Therefore, the Amazfit GTR 2 supports in-depth sleep monitoring, which can more accurately determine the sleep stage (the light sleep, deep sleep, REM7 periods), monitor the sleep breathing condition, and provide quality analysis and suggestions for improvement based on a night of sleep.

The watch also recognizes naps over 20 minutes between 11am-6pm in order to record more complete sleep information.Stress Level Monitoring. Calm Yourself When Feeling Overwhelmed.Check your personal stress level - relaxed, normal, medium or high - anytime you feel pressured throughout the day, so you know when to relax and reduce it.90 Built-in Sports Modes.Smart Recognition* of Sport Modes. Activate one of the sports modes that you need and, after the exercise is over, the watch will produce a corresponding analytical report which is also viewable in the mobile app, to help you continuously improve your exercise plan. Intelligent recognition of sports modes also eliminates the need to manually select the sports modes, so the watch is always ready for action. * Smart recognition includes 6 sports modes Outdoor Running, Treadmill, Walking, Outdoor Cycling, Pool Swimming, and Elliptical. Extended 14-day Battery Life *9.

Powered for Maximum Performance. Featuring a more sophisticated circuit design, a thinner body, and a high-capacity 471 mAh battery, the GTR 2 boasts a battery life of up to 14 days with typical usage. With this extended battery life, you are covered wherever your exercise takes you.Music Storage and Playback.

Your Playlist on Your Wrist. Mobile music playback is supported with the Amazfit GTR 2, for you to control the music on your smartphone through the watch via Bluetooth connection. Also provided is a massive 3GB10 of local music storage space, enough to transfer 300-600 of your favorite songs to the watch through your mobile phone.

So put down your phone, your Amazfit PowerBuds11 wireless headphones on, and listen to your favorite playlists while exercising, anytime and anywhere.Talk to, and Through, Your Watch. Bluetooth Call Function.Your Watch is Like a Phone, Too! The Amazfit GTR 2 includes a microphone and speaker to let you answer calls on your watch when it"s inconvenient to pick up your mobile phone

Connect the GTR 2 to your mobile phone via Bluetooth to ensure that you no longer miss important calls.Offline Voice Assistant *12. Liberate Your Hands. The Amazfit GTR 2 now has an offline voice control feature.

You can perform voice operations on your watch without internet access - including turning on sports modes or opening the heart rate monitoring function - so that you can have your watch do everything you wish without touching the screen.Quick Access Functions. Swipe Left for Intelligence, Right for Convenience. We have added a shortcut cards function to the Amazfit GTR 2.

You only need to swipe to the right to view information such as weather, events, countdowns, background programs in-use, and common application information, which greatly improves efficiency. Swiping to the left brings up the Quick Access screen application that supports customization, and which can quickly open the common functions you need. Customize Alert Duration and Intensity.

Rotate and Even Lock the Screen. With improved haptic vibration, the GTR 2 delivers crisper, faster feedback when you receive phone calls and get notifications. Thanks to the haptic linear motor, vibrations can be set with a variety of intensities and durations, delivering a premium feel. The screen of the Amazfit GTR 2 can rotate to 180°, convenient for both left- and right-handed users, and can also be locked with a password to prevent it from being accessed by others while not on your wrist.

The wear detection ability can even automatically lock13 the watch when you take it off.Vital, Everyday Features at the Ready.Alarms, Events, Timers, and More. The Amazfit GTR 2 can proficiently handle your personal agendas, notify you of incoming calls or messages, and provide movement reminders when you have been sitting for too long. The watch will also track your events, and offers Do Not Disturb, stopwatch and weather forecast functions, as well as enabling the setting of alarms and timers.Classic and Sport Editions.

Match Any Outfit or Occasion. The Amazfit GTR 2 comes with Classic and Sport designs, with both editions featuring an elegant and versatile appearance that will perfectly fit all your outfits and occasions, and a quick release mechanism that makes the strap easily changeable.Compatible with the Zepp App. Optimized Health Data Management *14. The Amazfit GTR 2 is connected to the newly upgraded Zepp app, which conducts comprehensive analysis of multiple data sources to provide 24/7 management of body data, helping the user check their physical condition at any time.

Some main functions include health- and exercise-data display and analysis, along with smart device management. 1. The Amazfit GTR 2 adopts a new design concept.

The product has no obvious border on the front, bringing a "borderless" visual experience. 2. Always-on Display When the screen is illuminated, it displays system content.

When the screen is in standby mode, it displays the time. This function requires users to manually set "Always-on Display”. The user can switch on or off this feature through the watch or app. 3.

The 24-hour heart rate detection feature requires the user to set and turn on the "heart health detection" feature; the 24-hour heart rate monitoring is supported in the app, and the minimum value can be set to 1 minute; this feature cannot be used for medical purposes or as a basis for medical diagnosis. The detection results are provided for reference only.

Please consult professional medical institutions if you feel unwell. 4. SpO2level can affect the oxygen level to various organs.

If the level is too low, it could lead to dizziness, headaches, or cardiac arrest. This product is not a medical device.

The measurement data is intended for reference only and cannot be used to perform professional diagnosis or monitoring of any medical conditions. Additionally, data accuracy will be affected if the sensor area makes contact with skin that is tattooed, pigmented or deep-toned. To measure SpO2, please keep your arm still. 5. The HUNT Fitness Study indicates that people who maintain a PAI™ score of 100 or higher show lower risk of hypertension, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes.

HUNT Fitness Study This study was conducted by Professor Ulrik Wisloff of the Faculty of Medicine, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. It lasted for more than 35 years and had more than 230,000 participants.To use this function, all-day heart rate monitoring must be enabled. 6.

Sleep monitoring can record evening sleep and naps. When it detects that the wearer is asleep between midnight and 6AM, the sleep time between 6PM of the previous day and 11AM can be recorded as night sleep time; sleep between 11AM and 6PM lasting more than 20 minutes is recorded as a nap.

Sleep lasting less than 20 minutes is not recorded. 7. The REM, also known as rapid eye movement, period is the basis for the normal biological rhythm and life-sustaining of mammals.

It accounts for about 20%-25% of the entire night’s sleep cycle. It is characterized by rapid eye movement, low-amplitude mixed-frequency EEG activity, and muscle tension relaxation.

The rapid eye movement phase is the sleep phase related to dreams in the sleep cycle. 8. According to GB/T 30106-2013 / IOS 228102010 standard, the waterproofing reaches 50 meters.

Amazfit GTR 2 is tested by the National Clock Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, report number SHES200701427701. Genuine leather or leather straps cannot be worn for swimming.

If you need to wear it for swimming, please change to a silicone strap. In order to maintain a good wearing experience, please wipe the watch as soon as possible after soaking in water.

A variety of factors can affect the waterproof capability, the lab condition 50 meters water-resistant test is only for reference. The picture shows the effect of the product, the actual use is not suitable for high-speed water sports and diving sports. 9.The battery life may vary according to the settings, operation conditions and other factors.

So the actual result may differ from the laboratory data.Typical usage scenario Heart rate is always on, sleep monitoring enabled; 150 pushed messages a day lighting up the screen display, raise wrist to see watch time 30 times, bright screen operations for 5 minutes; exercise 3 times a week, GPS running for 30 minutes.Basic usage scenario Turn off the Bluetooth connection, heart rate and other functions of the phone, and only lift the wrist to turn on the screen 100 times a day.Heavy usage scenario Heart rate is always on, sleep monitoring and sleep breathing quality monitoring and stress monitoring enabled; 150 pushed messages a day lighting up the screen display, lift the wrist 100 times, bright screen operations 15 minutes; exercise 3 times a week, GPS running for 30 minutes.GPS continuous working time 48 hours Turn on heart rate monitoring and GPS, use the GPS to map your workouts.Continuous Bluetooth call for 10 hours Connect the Amazfit GTR 2 to your phone, and use Bluetooth phone call. 10. The maximum storage space for music is 3GB (due to the system space occupied, the actual space used by the user may be less than 3GB); based on 5-10MB per song, it can store up to 300-600 MP3 songs. 11.

Amazfit PowerBuds wireless headphones need to be purchased separately.12. Offline voice assistant only supports English voice commands. 13.

The automatic lock feature needs to be set manually in the watch settings. 14. This product is not a medical device. 15.

The product images and screen content shown above are for reference purpose only. The actual product (including but not limited to its appearance, color and size) and screen display content (including but not limited to the background, UI and graphics) may differ slightly. 16.

The data that is provided on this page without a specified source is taken from internal laboratories or supplier data, and has been obtained under a specific test environment. The product"s actual performance may differ slightly due to product individual differences, software versions, usage conditions and environmental factors. 17.

To provide product information, specifications and characteristics as accurately as possible, our company may adjust and revise the text descriptions, images and other content in the above pages at any time. Due to real-time changes in product batches and production-supply factors, we may modify the above information as required without providing a special notice. 18.

The radio waves generated by the equipment may affect the normal operation of implanted medical equipment or personal medical equipment, such as pacemakers and hearing aids. If you use these devices, please consult their manufacturers for restrictions on using this device. .

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